Chrome Vimium




Navigating the current page:

? show the help dialog for a list of all available keys

h scroll left

j scroll down

k scroll up

l scroll right

gg scroll to top of the page

G scroll to bottom of the page

d scroll down half a page

u scroll up half a page

f open a link in the current tab

F open a link in a new tab

r reload

gs view source

i enter insert mode -- all commands will be ignored until you hit esc to exit

yy copy the current url to the clipboard

yf copy a link url to the clipboard

gf cycle forward to the next frame

Navigating to new pages:

o Open URL, bookmark, or history entry

O Open URL, bookmark, history entry in a new tab

b Open bookmark

B Open bookmark in a new tab

Using find:

/ enter find mode -- type your search query and hit enter to search or esc to cancel

n cycle forward to the next find match

N cycle backward to the previous find match

Navigating your history:

H go back in history

L go forward in history

Manipulating tabs:

J, gT go one tab left

K, gt go one tab right

g0 go to the first tab

g$ go to the last tab

t create tab

x close current tab

X restore closed tab (i.e. unwind the 'x' command)

T search through your open tabs

Additional advanced browsing commands:

]] Follow the link labeled 'next' or '>'. Helpful for browsing paginated sites.

[[ Follow the link labeled 'previous' or '<'. Helpful for browsing paginated sites.

<a-f> open multiple links in a new tab

gi focus the first (or n-th) text input box on the page

gu go up one level in the URL hierarchy

zH scroll all the way left

zL scroll all the way right




Scp - ssh 的遠端檔案傳輸指令